Bra – Sewing Bee Pattern Challenge Week 3

This has certainly been the hardest challenge yet. Great admiration for all the contestants completing this under time pressure and under the eagle eyes of Esme and Patrick.

imageLearn from my mistakes if you’re making this. Firstly, make sure your stretch lace is a reasonably heavy weight and ensure it has a scalloped edge. Mine was neither and consequently was more difficult. The lace was so flimsy it moved around if you so much as looked at it and, not having a scalloped edge meant I had to add some stretch lace purloined from a ready-made bra. The application of the picot elastic was interesting – make sure you sew it right sides together and sew close to the lower edge. The instructions in the GBSB book are quite clear but I didn’t do it close enough to the edge first off so had to re-do it. Keep it close to the edge and you’ll have a nice even finish.

I didn’t time myself for this one but reckon it probably took me nearer 3 hours than the two they were allowed.

Pretty pleased with the finished item and will be making another one or two to make sure I perfect it ready for a workshop at a future date.

For last week’s GBSB pattern challenge click here.



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