Onesies for muddy dogs

Tested by Flossie, my 2-year-old cockapoo, this coat is an absolute winner. Though lucky enough to have an outside shower, the daily task of washing Flossie all over was something of a pain. Now, with the Four-Legged Onesie all I have to do is to wash her paws (and occasionally her fluffy tail, oh and sometimes her muzzle if she’s been particularly keen on sniffing out mud!) What used to take a good half-hour, especially with the drying involved, can now be done in a matter of minutes. A win, win for us both.

Made from fleece fabric the Onesie is water repellent, lightweight, breathable and fully washable. It can be tumble dried but dries so quickly that tumble drying is not really necessary (all the better for the environment). The fabric is stretchy which means it is comfortable and has the advantage of making it easy to put on.

The Onesies are made out of recycled fleece garments, making them good for the environment, preventing unwanted clothing ending up in landfill. The prototypes I’ve made for my own dog are all made from fleece jackets, hoodies and waistcoats that were no longer being worn by their human owners. I am now actively collecting used fleece clothing from anyone who will donate it.

Available to order in your dog’s specific size – just measure neck to tail and around the tummy. If you are able to supply the fabric, in the form of a fleece garment you will receive a £10 discount on your order. If the fabric supplied is not enough to make the whole Onesie I will supplement with other donated fabric, which may be a contrasting colour.

Prices: Four-legged Onesie: £35.00 or £25 if donating fleece fabric/garment.

Postage and packing: £3.75

To order, email direct with the two measurements:

I’m ready to go out, are you …. ?


I’m ready to go out, are you?







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