Tea cosy

Heart and Union Jack tea cosy

Heart and Union Jack tea cosy

Tea cosy made from recycled fabrics. The blue was some leftover fabric from a dress I made in the 70s and the white/pale green was some old curtain fabric. The inside is also made from the same recycled material.

I pride myself on being able to make something from discarded items.

So the materials are virtually free. Come and make one yourself, with maybe some matching placemats and coasters. All you need is an old dress, an old shirt or a pair of curtains or maybe an old pair of jeans. It is hard to throw anything away once you start. See workshops for household items.

If you have a favourite fabric and don’t want to make it yourself, let me have it and I will keep it alive for you by making that old dress into something that you can use every day.

Heart and Union Jack Tea Cosy: £15

To buy, visit my Etsy shop here


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